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A Day of Europe

A Day of Europe,   organized on November 20, 2015, was a special event in our school.  Both students and teachers took part in numerous activities and quizzes  which checked our knowledge of different  European issues . Each class chose teams of three people to compete. I was a member of one of the teams.

The first task was to recognize famous people like celebrities, actors or politicians from different  European countries .Then the teams  had to give the names of capitals and heads of European countries presented in photos. Next we listened  to national anthems and we were supposed to say which state has this anthem. This last question was the most difficult  for me.  My team mates were of the same opinion.  However,  we had a lot of fun with the quiz.

The second part of that day included performances in foreign languages.  One girl recited  a poem in the German language.  Then there was  a French marine song  performed by a group of students and their French teacher. I really liked it. They put on blue and white stripped T-shirts. They looked very nice. We were surprised that our head teacher decided to take part in the event. He chose an old French song. I can’t remember its title, but it was about a medieval battle in France. Finally, our English and  German teachers  gave a recital. The German teacher sang in English and she was like a perfect singer. After a while the English teacher joined the performance. It was very funny, because he rapped in German.  We were all really astonished.. We didn’t know that we’ve got such talented teachers.

In my opinion it was one of the most memorable days in the  school year. We hope to organize similar events every  year.

Teresa Nuckowska

Numer konta Szkoły

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