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25 - lecie Katolickiego Liceum

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Do you remember who you wanted to be in the past when you were little? What profession seemed to be the most exciting for a younger version of you? Probably it was a football player, a singer, an actress, a model or a dancer. Of course a lot of children also dream about looking after pets as vets  or extinguishing  fires as  firefighters. What do all these jobs have in common?

Dreams very often constitute a representation of young characters. All of these careers are something bold, exciting, amazing. Small children imagine themselves in the role of powerful people. They believe that they are able to conquer the world. This naivety is charming but  what's the truth? Unfortunately the reality sometimes disappoints. People who had ambitious plans to become someone special end up studying something they don’t like. Very often they do not work in their profession. The reasons for this situation are various. It might be the  fear of failure, lack of confidence or family support.

It is never easy but we should strive for what we love in our life , we should do what completes us. Do you agree that spending  the rest of your life doing things that you do not love will be a punishment for you ?If we feel good at something we should do that. We ought to fulfill our dreams and  be proud of ourselves .

So my fellow students! Save people's lives as a paramedics, dance for a large audiences, paint what  your imagination shows you. Do not believe in stereotypes. Do not think that the world owes you anything because it does not. We can achieve what we want ourselves by hard work, patience and modesty. Do not let that our plans disappear without trace in  adulthood. Good luck -you will need itJ

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Numer konta Szkoły

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