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25 - lecie Katolickiego Liceum

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Polish-French Sports and Social  Activities               

On 28 September, 2016  three French students and their teacher were invited to spend a day at a lake doing different outdoor activities with our students. Kadet –OK,  situated  at a beautiful lake in Długie, prepared a rich  program including numerous sports and team-building activities.

 The program involved participation in a variety of adventurous challenges in the form of outdoor activities. Just a few examples from the program offered by the young animators were  hiking, climbing, orienteering, canoeing,  and group games.

 They divided us into groups and each group performed different tasks. We started with group games which exercised our teamwork skills.

Then we were encouraged  to spend our  time actively and the climbing wall was the place where we could  test ourselves . Most of us got started  in the captivating sport of climbing.

 Another attraction was an  orienteering race. On the way competitors  had  to complete special stages and tasks.

Then we could start a canoeing trip on the lake to admire the landscape. It seemed that canoeing is a great way to integrate people.

 In the afternoon we were free to relax on the beach, socialize, talk,  soak up the sun and  admire the swans and the lake .

All the competitions, activities and team games together with tasty dinner  made the  event a good fun. They also meant building small bridges of friendship between French and Polish students.

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